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Older Characters in the game talk all about Hoenn. For Example, In Courmarine Town's hotel, an elder mentions a hot spring next to a Pokémon center, possibly referring to Lavaridge. And, in one town(I forgot) there's a man trying to sound hip and saying a phrase that makes no sense, possibly referring to the house of so-called "trendy people". The guy outside(in R/S/E) asks you what phrase is trending and then the whole family adopts it. (Mine was "Magikarp joking") And there are countless other hints!

Tru dat.
So what's the question? lol
are they hints or just coincidences?
I hope they're hints.
pokemon black 2 would be amazing.
There is a Black 2...
This guy is a prophet :o
i know

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Right now, we don't know if we'll get a Gen 3 remake. It would seem logical, as we have had Gen 1 remakes during Gen 3, and Gen 2 remakes during Gen 4. It seems about time that we get a Gen 3 remake. However, these hints don't necessarily mean anything, although I hope they do.

Yeah, but those were to provide a way for people to catch them all, as some pokemon would have been unobtainable without those remakes. Hoenn, on the other hand,  has no need for this.
If we really are getting Gen 3 remakes, then by all rights they should remake Firered and Leafgreen as well.

In fact, I think that's very likely considering they made Pokémon Origins based on those two games.
Actually Origins was a show on Pokémon Red
They used the character designs of FR/LG, and aside from that the story of R/B/G is exactly the same as FR/LG, so it's far more likely based on FR/LG.
I don't think a FR/LG remake will be likely tbh, as they are remakes themselves.