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I need to know did the Version 1.1 Patch fix the Mystery Egg glitch, What are some of the causes and what does trading have to do with it? Also I traded my friend a Ralts Egg and it disappeared from his box.


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The Mystery Egg is normally obtained via Miracle Trade but can be obtained somehow in-game and acts like a Bad Egg, but it is more terrible:

It can decuplet itself into the whole Box storage!

  1. Do never see his stats.
  2. Pu it into quarantine, in an empty PC box, and forget it for the rest of your life
  3. Release or move every Pokémon in its box
  4. Never trade it, it would be rude, and do not try to release it.
  5. Avoid at all costs the Pokémon "——-“". It may appear occasionally. AVOID IT !

It is a Virus Zombie. I would restart the game if possible if I had it.

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What about the egg that I traded my friend that disappeared?
You can no longer get Ralts's egg back. Your friend must have a Bad Egg. You cannot trade it, nor release it, nor hatch it. Either put it into Quarantine (I would do so) or Buy a new game, as if you restart the game, I think,but I am not sure, that the egg stays,
Ok Thanks for your answer.