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Because I accidentally killed it at the distortion world and I still want it.

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Yes you can find it again in the cave that is in send off spring. you have to go through a sort of maze with many rooms it is random but once you are in a room with a purple glowing thing just go in there you will also find the a rare bone near the portal(or stardust if you depending on the amount of rooms you went through) and in the distortion world will be lvl 70 giratina there will be the griserous orb

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Yeah what speed freak said, If you accdentally "killed" Giratina, you can once agin find it in the send off spring. This happend to me and later I found the high level Giratina. By that time I had already got a Giratina that was traded for a Bidoof. Weird...
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you can find it in turnback cave in sendoff spring after deafeating the E4 and Champion.

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