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Heart Scales can be found in the following places;
Route 8 (3 of them), Coumarine City, Frost Cavern, Azure Bay

There is also a 50% chance of finding them on Luvdiscs (Catch or use Thief).


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It's smart to use a Pokemon with the ability Frisk so you can check if the luvdisc has a heartscale.
You can also get heartscales when smashing rocks!
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If you have used the Game Sync function in the PSS (and logged on to the Pokémon GTS site), then you can transfer PokéMiles to your online bank. This will let you buys a bunch of stuff that gets transferred to your game, including Heart Scales.
To accumulate PokéMiles, just do a lot of trading and Wonder Trading. I easily racked up thousands of PMs doing that.