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In pokemon Heartgold.


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In addition to MDA's answer, these moves may be of interest:

Aura Sphere - power 90, always hits
It's a "special" move so is good for any pokemon with good Sp.Atk.

Brick Break - power 75, accuracy 100%
Not totally powerful, but it's the most powerful move that doesn't have adverse effects. A lot of non-fighting pokemon can learn it too.

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Thanks=). I would probably go with brick break.
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Close Combat - Power 120 - Accuracy 100%
Focus Punch - Power 150 - Accuracy 100%
Superpower - Power 120 - Accuracy 100%

Hope I helped :)

yes that's right but when you get hit while preparing for focus punch you will flinch instead of finishing the attack
if you have a machamp with no-guard dynamic punch is amazing impossible to miss and 120 power and confuses