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If three Pokemon in the rotation battle (on the same side) all know Protect can they keep rotating and using it ad nauseum, or does the protect counter work for whichever Pokemon is in the front, and it doesn't matter which Pokemon rotates into that position?

I hope that made sense ...

Well, if I knew what "ad nauseum" was, that'd help.
I think he's wondering if the chance of protect failing increases even if it is used in succession by different Pokemon.
...Did that make sense?
*Ad nauseum* just means repeatedly. :3
yea, Indigo is right. It's Latin literally meaning "to sickness" (or something like that)
Now that doesn't surprise me. My computer suggested nausea for nauseum.

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First, great use of Latin. x)

Secondly, Protect's fail chance will still increase, despite it being used on different Pokemon. This is also the same with other protective moves like Spiky Shield, Detect et cetera. >:) (Is that Latin? xD)

Hope I helped. :)
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thanks. And yes it is :)