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Lets say it is a Rotation battle, and my 3 Pokemon know fake out. Turn 1: Fake out. Turn 2: Rotate and fake out Turn 3: Rotate to the 3rd Pokemon and make it use fake out. Will it let all 3 use fake out? Even better, can I do an infinate Rotate-Fake out cycle?


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No. Rotation battles don't work that way.

E.g., you have 3 Pokemon with Fake Out, Mienshao, Weavile & Hitmontop.

So Mienshao uses Fake Out, and of course Hitmontop & Weavile don't do anything. When Mienshao moves, that still counts as Weavile & Hitmontop's first move, as it's the first move of the whole battle, and therefore Fake Out won't work after one your Pokemon moves, regardless of which one.

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I'm pretty sure that game freak is smart enough to make that simple strategy fail.