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I think a lot of people will like to know just as I want too and its time to ask this question

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This link gives the Ubers according to smogon.

However, my Uber standards are different, but we don't have a link yet for them at the forum.

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Most pokemon with base stats above 600 are ubers the only exception is Slaking. there are ubers with 600 base stats namely Garchomp, Mew, Salamence, Manaphy, the doexysis', the Lati twins, Shaymin, and Darkrai. Wobbuffet and Wynaut are considered legendaries according to smogon but I do not think they are becuase you can just inflict burn or posion or use stat ups and OHKO it. In my opinion Garchomp and Salamence are not uber Garchomp would be if he had D-dance

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