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Because I don't have two 3DS's I'm having to get Pokemon such as Alakazam and Scizor in my nature of choice and EV trained appropriately by the GTS as I do have both X and Y now. Unfortunately it does not let you offer Pokemon holding any sort of Mega Stone.

Which leads me on to my questions. Will you be able to transfer Pokemon holding Mega Stones to the PokeBank and if you get one subscription to PokeBank does it count it for the DS console or for the game, in other words will I have to buy PokeBank twice for X & Y once the free trial is up in January?


Thanks for the answers.
So is there anyway to trade Mega Stones between X & Y with just one 3DS or is it impossible?

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Unfortunately, you can't trade items through the PokeBank. This is simply because of the caution of piling up items into one game, which will be no challenge at all for the game.

As for your second question:
>With this, you also have the ability to transfer content between various Pokémon X & Y games. It also has protections that prevent cheated Pokémon from being able to be transferred to the Bank.

If you read the bold parts, you would have read that you can transfer content between your copies of X and Y on the same console. :)

Hope I helped. :)
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You won't be able to store Mega Stones in Pokemon Bank, because the app stops Pokemon holding items from getting through.

You won't need to buy Pokemon Bank twice however. It can work with more than one game.

Unfortunately, trading Mega Stones between games is not possible with one 3DS. The only way you can get the Mega Stones in the one game is to get two 3/2DS'.

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