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Im a fan of pokemon since im 4 years old
but things are wierd now with all the pokemon that don't even look like pokemon anymore
and pokemon that ash had and now he dosent even know "whos that pokemon"
so as pokemon that he allready battled are uknown for him all of a sudden so whats up with pokemon ?
its just loosing it...

and I guess its all for the new viwers but what about the old ones !!! so whos with me !!!

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I agree, I found it pretty funny how Ash turned into a rookie when he gets to a new region even though he has already seen those pokemon.

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While I can't say for sure why this is happening, my take on this is that the people making the show are trying to make the show appealing to a new generation of viewers. Like you said, its all new to them, so the people making the show make it all new to Ash so new viewers don't feel left out.

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And by the way, I'm with you. the old show was the best! they changed everyone's voice :(