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I recently saw someone skip Brawly in Pokémon Emerald for a later time, which got me thinking. Which gyms can be done out of order? I know of these few, but I can't quite think of some others:

  • The aforementioned Brawly skip
  • Doing Sabrina and Koga out of order
  • A few gyms in the mid-game of Gen II can be done in a different order
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In RSE, you don't need to defeat Brawly until you challenge the Petalburg Gym, and you don't need to defeat Winona until you get to the Pokemon League. I know for sure that you can't skip anything in Pt (I've tried), though I heard Maylene and Wake can be beaten in either order in DP. The first 7 Kanto gyms in the Johto games can be defeated in any order.
Yes. In Gen II, you can do Chuck, Pryce, and Jasmine in any order.
I think you can do Wake before Maylene in D/P?
In Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald you can just walk straight out of town without fighting Winona. It won't work in the remakes though.
In RBY, you can glitch the game and skip the first gym entirely, although it is not a legitimate method that was implemented into the game itself.
Well, you can't exactly skip a Gym. You will still have to go back and finish it later. But yes, there are other Gyms that can be taken on in an improper order
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RBY and FRLG, you can battle Erika before Surge and Koga before Sabrina, GSC and HGSS you have Chuck, Jasmine and Pryce, RSE and ORAS? you could effectively do Flannery before Brawly, DP but not Platinum you can do Wake before Maylene, I don't know that it's possible in Unova or Kalos, and in Alola you're pretty much spoon-fed the way you're supposed to go. Are they the only ones, then?

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In gold silver and crystal you can do a couple of different things. 1. You can battle Pryce after Morty and then go to Chuck, then Jasmine.
2. You can battle Chuck after Morty and then battle Jasmine
3. Battle Chuck after morty, then Pryce and then jasmine.
So basically any combination of the 3 after Morty will work but you have to at least get the secret potion to Jasmine to battle her, so the combinations are assuming you haven't done that side quest yet.

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In RBY/FRLG, you can do Surge-Blaine in any order, but you must do Koga before Blaine, so you can Surf to Cinnibar. In GSC/HGSS, you can battle Chuck-Pryce in any order, but you need to go to Cianwood before you can battle Jasmine, to get the Secret Potion. In RSE, you can skip Winona, and you can bypass Brawly until you go to fight Norman. I don't know of any gym skips or order changes in DPPt or BWB2W2. I also haven't played any 3DS Pokemon games, because I'm broke, so anyone who knows of any skips in those games, have at it.