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This makes no sense, so someone please explain.

This question should be in the anime FAQ not in the pokebase section
Not your call to make dude. This is fine.
This is in the anime FAQ but it’s not like we’re going to remove every single question on anime simply because it could belong on one meta thread.
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In the episode "there is a crowd" pokemon advance series, Brock explain why eletric moves is weak against grass and have no effect on ground pokemon and how could they hit normally if some cincunstances are met. (go for 13:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaX28F3ewGY) In the fight against Brock's Onix, the fist match against pikachu, his eletric moves were not working, of course onix is ground type and was on the ground. However in the second match Ash manage to break the taps of the gym making everything wet, and acording to many explanations in the anime, if a pokemon is comepletelly soaked, no matter his type or if he is on the ground, or flying, jumping, eletric moves will work. Later in the games they created some moves to emulate some of the strategies used in the anime, some of them were, Soak, smack down, gravity, among others. (The anime didn't made any mistake relating the logic yet, i already watched from the first episode to the last six times, people just don't pay attention  on their explanations, in the anime they act as if were real, if the pokemon were able to jump, aim in a certain spot, got soaked, etc)
  I'm having some difficult to find the specific episode, but i assure you, is accurate. (For the same reason i'l put here as comment instead of a answer)
Wait... why didn't you use that as an answer?
The power of anime logic is too strong. Also, Olli, That seems extremely reminiscent of the move soak, which would make sense because...

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Onix was doused with water using the sprinklers.
Water conducts electricity. Water also weakens onix who is Ground/Rock.

The water negates the immunity, something that is absent from the game but kinda makes sense in real life logic.

Hope I helped :)

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It "exists" in the game in the form of the move soak :P
Oh, now I get it. Thanks!
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Oftentimes, Pokemon anime rules do not follow Pokemon game rules. Some examples:

  • Like you said, Electric hitting Ground, along with other immune types.
  • Pokemon can have more than four moves in the anime.
  • Statistic, PP, and levels do not seem to exist in the anime.
  • In the anime, Trainers may also just directly challenge the current Champion.
  • In battles in the anime, moves can be used together to make a totally new move.
  • Moves that normally cannot miss in the games, such as Swift, Shock Wave and Aerial Ace, can miss.
  • HMs are shown as regular moves in the anime, they are not used as tools for certain situations like in the games.

So basically, these are things that the anime creators either a) overlooked, b) didn't care, or c) left them for people to find out. And remember: GAME FREAK LOGIC.


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The TV show wasn't made by Game Freak. Only anime logic can be blamed for this kind of thing.
The pokemon in the anime cannot learn more than 4 moves. If you watched the whole series starting from gen 1, you will find that when a pokemon learns a new move, it doesn't use one of its moves anymore. Pikachu is a example; before pikachu learned electro ball or some other move I can't remember, it knew volt tackle. That was in gen 5(I think). After it learned a new move, it stopped using volt tackle. Meaning that it has forgotten volt tackle.
That's not true for every Pokemon. There was this one Dragonite from the Orange Islands that used 10 moves in one battle.
I have no intention of offending or anything of the kind, is very good that the people have the good will to try to answer the best way they can, but in the anime they already explained how all of this could happen. They didn't made any mistake relating the logic yet, if people pay attention on their explanations they will see for themselves.

 Beside this source is from a fan made website, any person without any relation with the official meedia can put anything they want there. This was just one of the many things bulbapedia says wrong.
So what if "there are explanations"? That means nothing until we know what the explanations are.
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This question is quite old. But seeing that it has no selected answer, I thought I'd help by giving a rational explanation even from the game's point of view.

Pikachu's electric attacks have no effect on any ground type Pokemon. However, there are certain attacks that change the type of the opposing Pokemon. This includes Soak - a move that changes the opponent's type to the water type.

We can assume that Pikachu used the move soak in a variation when it set off the sprinkler system because of the fire. This also explains why it took only a few thundershocks to take out Onix, which has respectable special defence in the early game.

Hope I helped you gamers!

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Ground types are immune to electric type attacks, whereas rock types are not. They're only strong against electric types. Its not impossible to defeat a rock type with electric type moves.

Except Onix is part Ground?