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Here's the question:

if we stop a pokemon from evolving in a lvl so it can learn a certain move, how can I evolve it later?

ex: I have a treecko thet evolves at lvl 16 but I want him to learn Energy ball,hiw can I evolve him into grovile at lvl 51?

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Each time he levels up on lv 16 and over, he will try to evolve. There are a few ways to stop evolution:
1) Give it an Everstone and take it off at Lv.50 and level Treeko up one.
2) Press B while he is evolving but don't after he trys to evolve on lv.51. Grovyle will learn Energy Ball.

These are slow ways of teaching in energy ball, but the fast third option ( this does not get you grovyle ) is to teach him it by TM.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks a lot! actually the treeko thingy was just an example but thanks a lot really!!!
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Super flygon is right but another even easier way is to breed a female sceptile/grovile/treeko with a pokemon that knows energy ball then the treeko will know it when it hatches the same is true with all breeding pokemon the offspring will always inherit moves it can learn by level up tm hm or move tutor