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I want one, a shiny Giratina in Platinum

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No exact number is required. It's just... luck.

From a mathematical perspective, you will need to reset 8,192 times in order to get a shiny legend (or, just a shiny, anyway) but it's chance.

It's like the game picks a number out of a hat. If it's not the 'shiny' number, then the Pokemon won't be shiny. And in the hat, there are 8,192 pieces of paper, with only one of them being the shiny number. (Do you get that? xD) There's no exact number of times until you pick out that shiny number. It could take a million tries until you find one! :o

It should also be noted that a normal shiny and a legendary shiny has the exact same chance of being shiny - except for the ones in Gen 5 and Gen 6, which are shiny locked.

Hope I helped. :)

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There is no exact number. The chance of getting a Shiny is 1/8192. But it could take you 10 soft resets, it could take you 20,000. That's just how probability works.

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Numbers don't count, only luck.
There is no exact number to soft reset the game to find a shiny legend. It's only sheer luck to encounter a shiny legendary Pokemon.

There is a chance to get a shiny but it is extremely rare, as it is only 1/8192. (1 out of 8192!)

You can be extremely lucky and encounter your shiny Giratina on the first try. (1/8192) Or it might take you your WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE to find one.

It's all about luck to find a shiny. Legendary shines are like regular shiny, have the chance of 1/8192 to find one. Keep in mind that gen 5 and gen 6 legends are shiny locked! But it works in Gen 4.

Good luck to find your shiny Giratina!!!

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