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What are some don't on soft resets when I'm shiny hunting the regis on Pokemon sword and any tips on the swords of justice. If I faint a regi can it still be shiny

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It should be noted that the Regis aren't affected by shiny charm, (I learned this 2000 encounters into my hunt, still haven't found it.) Swords of justice are affected by shiny charm.

When Shiny hunting Regice, I highly recommend not soft resetting and instead doing the run away and re-encounter method. This is because Regice's shiny changes very slightly, and if you do the run away method you can check in your Pokedex if you have accidentally skipped the shiny.

If you want more Master Balls, I would recommend doing a lot of surprise trades. There are hack accounts out there that surprise trade shiny Pokemon holding Master Balls. I trade these shinies away after collecting the Master Ball. You may deem this illegitimate.

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  • Save in front of the statue after it is activated. This is a given.

  • There aren’t “soft resets” in this game per se-you have to exit and close the game and open it again instead. However, this pretty much has the same effect.

  • Come prepared. The Regis have low PP moves, so I suggest putting them to sleep. The Pokémon that can put them to sleep should be able to tank their attacks easily. Accurate sleep moves are optimal so you don’t waste turns-Spore is the best, Sleep Powder is OK (but I suggest X Accuracy), and Hypnosis needs an X Accuracy. A false swiper is also needed. It should be strong so it can deal more than a small margain of damage to the Regi (if the Regi is Regirock or Registeel, I suggest weakening it with Nature’s Madness or Super Fang before false swiping) and perhaps have some attack boosts from Swords Dance, X Attacks, and/or a choice band.

  • Have Good Pokeballs! Ultra balls and Timer balls are good, and Master balls let you skip all the things I mentioned above.


  • There’s….really nothing you’re not supposed to do. Don’t come unprepared, of course.

  • Soft Resets aren’t “broken” by any action
    (Just don’t save after catching a non-shiny Regi, as you will come back to that save instead of the previous one.)

I caught a shiny Regieleki and in between the soft resets I’ve killed the Regi, caught the Regi, gone out and took a break and shiny hunted other things, etc. Because of this, I have a suggestion: If you find a non-shiny (which is almost guaranteed) you can test your strategy to catch it and see if you catch it successfully. I tested a few times to make sure I could catch my Shiny Regieleki when I was going to find it to make sure I could catch it, and when there were errors in my strategy I went out to edit my team.

Swords of Justice:

Come prepared with good pokeballs, sleep/paralysis, and false swipe, as usual. The usual method for the swords of justice is called the Camp method.

First, find Virizion/Terrakion/Cobalion. Encounter them. Run away. Set up camp. They’ll be back with rerolled shininess, and you can repeat the above process until you find a shiny.

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Soft resets are broken by saving after catching a non-shiny Pokemon.
Also why is hypnosis better than yawn?
Both are good points-also, I forgot about yawn. Thank you!
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There’s no wrong or right way to soft reset. Just save before you encounter and no matter how you power off the device, all is okay.

Think of it this way. When you don’t save your game and turn off the power, it deletes all the progress up to the point, technically. Everything that happens if you don’t save ceases to exist.

Basically, just save if front of the Pokémon you want to soft-reset, do what you need to, and reset. Repeat.

For the Regis in particular, you can knock them out instead of soft resetting and they’ll still be there. For the Swords of Justice, just save before the encounter, close the software, and reopen. Good luck!

thank you  quick question for regis do I save before I do the floor puzzle or after
Hi mrcat! You can save before or after; either works! I’d save after doing the floor puzzle to save some time.

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