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I know you can get it outside in victory road but I can't find anything.

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It is a flying shadow, meaning it swoops down from above.
It's also very rare, so be patient.

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Maybe i will find it the first try like I found Skull Candy(my Noivern).
Man I'm slow :(
Found hydreigon first try.
Seriously? Nice.
I'm on a roll finding dragon types first try. First Dragalge, then Noivern, and now Hydreigon. :D
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Hydreigon is found outside of Victory Road, but it swoops down on you, similar to Ferroseed falling down on you in Glittering Cave. It is very rare though, so you will find more Fearow and Skarmory than Hydreigon.

An alternative is finding Zealous inside of Victory Road, and then training it to Level 64.

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Source 2: Experience

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The only other way you can get a Hydreigon besides trading is evolving it from Zweilous. Zweilous are easier to find, but they don't evolve to level 64.


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Hydreigon is hard to get in Victory Road, but if you're patient, you could find a Zweilous, which is easier to find (still bit rare) and level t up until it evolves.

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