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they are both good but witch is beter


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I would go for Hydreigon which is a beast. A life orb set with Draco meteor and U-turn is really good, as well as a Choise specs set with Draco meteor. It has decent speed and a great special attack and also has a decent movepool. I would go for Hydreigon but its your choise.

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Noivern VS Hydreigon!


1: Pros and Cons of Noivern


  • Good Movepool
  • 123 Speed is excellent, so you do not need le Scarf. You can opt for le Specs so that you hit a lot harder.
  • Infiltrator means that Sub strategies can't work against ze Noivern.
  • Switcheroo in the Specs Set means that you can actually cripple walls forever.
  • Moonlight (why it even learns it ? I dunno :D)
  • Boomburst
  • Bulkier than other Dragons, and not a joke


  • Useless abilities beside Infiltrator.
  • Specs is mandatory if you need a special sweeper in Noivern.
  • U-Turn, Dragon Claw, Acrobatics, Brick Break: this could end up in one of the best wallbreaker ... But 70 Base Attack.

2: Pros and Cons of Hydreigon


  • The most single diverse Pokémon ever. Access to Fire Blast, Surf, Dark Pulse, Elemental Fangs, Focus Blast, Charge Beam, Flash cannon and much more !
  • Very Bulky for a sweeper
  • Too fast for a tank
  • A physical variant can be seen
  • U-Turn is a great addition to its movepool
  • Its goddamn too high special attack
  • Can cover against each single type
  • Good resistances ...


  • ... Florges
  • Choice Scarf or too slow

3: The Choice

Hydreigon all the way. Except if your team is weak enough to Fairies, Hydreigon is better than Noivern, except in Speed. With a Scraf, you can make it up. If you really need Infiltrator, then Noivern's your guy.

Careful! If you are looking for a Dragon, then you might be surprised that Hydreigon is not quick enough. If it is a choice between the two, then Hydreigon.

When I say Noivern is a wall breaker, I mean it breaks through Substitutes and Screens.