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My little brother chose chikorita as his first pokemon ever it is now a meganum it knows razor leaf, magical leaf, petal dance, and body slam I know meganium has the worst moveset of all the starters but is there any way to help him


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Firstly, don't teach it so many grass moves, stick with one or two max. Meganium can learn Earthquake so that's a good bet against Fire pokemon, etc.

Its defense is also good so maybe go for some status moves like Toxic. You can trot them out while taking a hit or two.

yes i agree. . .
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if you want you should teach it safeguard for protection from status problems or synthesis for healing

if you can teach it grass knot then replace razor leaf for it, you already have magical leaf so you don't need razor leaf any more

if it has a high sp.attack then teach it leafstorm, for a strong move

i think you should keep body slam it has decent power and accuracy or maybe you should teach it earthquake

well this is what i think

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THERE IS HOPE! My Meganium Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firstly, GIVE IT SOME CALCIUMS AND PROTIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can raise it's attack and special enough, and teach it energy ball, It can Be AMAZING. Petal Dance works Great too. Also, EV train it's Special attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As Pokemaster said, Toxic would be Great, too. Earthquake works also, and if his Meganium has high speed, maybe, maybe solarbeam. Magical Leaf is OK because it Does not miss, but it has kind of low power. Giga Drain is OK too. Also, maybe Syntheis, in case it is low on Health but it should have enough defense where it would not need that. Body Slam Is nice, though, because of it's paralazation chances along with Iron Tail.

Overall, I would go with Toxic, Energy Ball, Earthquake, and Giga Drain.

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Like the other answers said, with a good Defense stat, Toxic is a good option. However, I think Earthquake is not the best option, since Flying is one of Meganium's weakness. I think Ancient Power is a far better option, as it is useful against her four main weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Bug, and Flying.

Overall, my Meganium rocks with Toxic, Giga Drain, Ancient Power, and Energy Ball.