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I recently caught a Absol in Emerald, I want to know if its worth having in my team, and if he is who should I take out? and a good moveset too please, thank you.
my team is made of:


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Absol is a good Pokemon, especially ingame in which its forgetable speed isn't much of a problem and its movepool and ATtack stat is a great asset. Torkoal should be removed for Absol if you decide to add it in.

For a moveset, since this is Gen 3, you'll want:

Ice Beam: Always a useful move ingame, and it works well even with an average Special Attack. The main point of this is to easiy beat Drake of the Elite 4, Ice Beam devestates his team, most of which has a x4 weakness to it.

Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt is also for the elite 4, this time for help against Wallace.

Shadow Ball: This is Physical in Gen 3. It also deals with Phoebe of the Elite 4.

Return: High power.

It's unfortunate that Absol doesn't have the Physical-Special split in Gen 3.

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I would say that you don't need Torkoal because you already have a fire type

a good moveset would be
Shadow Ball (Physical)
Quick Attack
Swords Dance

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Whoever voted this down, please tell me why you did so.
I moveset is already but Torkoal suck so bad.
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Take out Tarkoal you already have a fire type pokemon, you should be dedicated to Blaziken; after all, it was your starter.

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