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  1. Now, I know this wouldn't happen, but if Shedinja had the ability sturdy, would it become immune to enemy attacks? Would having full as well as 1 HP, activate sturdy multiple times?

  2. This would not likely occur as well, but if Spiritomb(or Saybleye) had the Wonder-guard ability would it also be immune to attacks?

(These Pokemon would still be damaged by Poison, Burn, Future Sight, weather, etc.)


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  1. Yes, Shedinja would be alive against all offensive attacks. Sturdy Shedinja is actually a strategy in Hackmons. However remember, weather damage, status damage, entry hazards and all that still kill it. And Mold Breaker Pokemon are able to hit through Sturdy

  2. Yes also, but only in Gen 5 and before. In Gen 6 Spiritomb and Sableye become weak to Fairy, thus nullifying that. But in Gen 5, a Spiritomb or Sableye with Wonderguard would be immune to all attacks, unless the Pokemon has Mold Breaker or a similar ability, thus nullifying Wonder Guard and allowing it to hit Spiritomb or Sableye. Additionally Foresight + Fighting type attack also hits through that, as do non-damaging moves like toxic.

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