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I was wondering what music would be like in the Pokémon world... any ideas? I'll take many answers, I want to know some cool poke music. It could be a short jingle, or a full on song with a chorus, but please give some ideas.
EDIT:I mean, do any of you have song lyric ideas?(sorry I was unclear)

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Actually, it isn't much different to what we listen to. In Pokemon Black and White 2, two of the Gyms are based on music (those Gyms being Roxie's and Elesa's).

Elesa's Gym features an electronic tune that gets stronger with each trainer you beat. Elesa sings in the background. Roxie's is similar, except it has more of a rock tune.

I mean lyrics... got any ideas?
No, not really. If that is what you want, then there really is no answer since no full-length songs have been featured in the games or the anime.
If you mean us giving you possible lyrics for a Pokemon song, then this kind of doesn't belong on the PokeBase. It might come up on the forum in the future though.
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I think Pokémon music would be similar to what it is in the Anime. I think each seasons Pokémon theme could be considered, to be what music there would be if Pokémon were real.

For example the Orange Island theme- "We all live in a Pokémon World"

I think if Pokémon really existed, that there would generally be a lot of songs based around Pokémon such as this one.

I also think that there would be a lot of "melody" type songs to reflect the feelings and emotions of Humans, Animals and Pokémon living together such as Lugia's Song and Oracion.

But overall I think the music would be the same as the music in this day and age.

Hope I helped :)

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I know, but do u have any lyric ideas?
Sorry I don't understand? I thought you wanted to know, what Pokémon music would be like, if Pokémon were real?
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Probaly like the real world. Maybe Pokemon music would have Pokemon instead of instruments.
Also Pokemon can also be singers! (jigglypuff)

Songs...well, Pokemon cannot sing lyrics and people, well...they can sing, I guess, about some thing in the Pokemon world

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