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What I mean is is the sound made by instruments or computers.

I think theres some piano in some songs
i'd assume all of the songs are created with real instruments, and then probably digitally recreated for the games
No, it's electronically generated. They do use synthesizers, which is what you're interpreting as Piano, but that's basically electronic music anyway.
l read an article somewhere that for one of the games, they were going to compose all the music live in a studio, but l cannot remember for the life of me what game it was; it might not of even been Pokemon!
But yes, pretty much every game features electronic music which uses synths to replicate instruments.
kso why aren't you guys answering if you know the answer?
Cos we need reliable sources and a 100% correct answer.

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When you listen to the music in Pokemon games, you hear a bunch of real like instruments like piano, trumpet, violin, etc.. Some songs are actually composed in real life, but then modified by computers to make it sound more effective. Not only Pokemon, but any Nintendo game works like that. I researched and watched things like this before, and the people who make it said is was modified.
For example, one of the makers "Junichi Masuda" composed background music for Pokemon Red/Blue. He also created the cries made by Pokemon for encountering and defeating them too. He got these sounds using his Game Boy to create the melodies too. All of his music - including all other music - was further created using electronics.
So, for your question, both of it is right (music and computer), but more of the "computer" part.

Partial Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pokémon_Red_and_Blue

Hope I helped! :)

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Don't you mean....sound super effective?
By effective, I mean it suits the game much clearer, and doesn't sound like its faint, unclear, or buffered.
I'm pretty sure Lucas(sinnoh)was saying a pun.
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