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How do you get a Pokemon with a hidden ability with out a Pokemon breeding with out it


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Here are all of the ways in X & Y (which I assume you are talking about) besides breeding, There are more ways in B/W and B2/W2, as seen here.

Friend Safari - Pokémon in the Friend Safari have a small chance of having their Hidden Abilities. This chance is unknown.
Horde Encounters- Horde Pokémon have a chance to have their Hidden Ability. It is still not known, as seen here.

Here's a run-down on breeding:

If you breed a Female Pokémon with a Hidden Ability with another Pokémon, they have a chance of giving that Ability to each of their children. This chance is 60%.
With X&Y, Male/Genderless Pokémon also have the chance to pass down a Hidden Ability to their children (Light Metal Metagross! Woo hoo :(. I guess Analytic Porygon-Z is fine though), but only when bred with a Ditto and if the father (the male or genderless Pokemon) has the Hidden Ability. This chance is unknown.

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As of gen 6, you get hidden ability Pokemon via the Freind Safari. To Get some friends to get Pokemon, look on this page.