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Be honest guys, Lance, Red, and Cynthia were some of the toughest champions of our generation in Pokemon games. Dragonite, Pikachu, and Garchomp STILL give some of us nightmares.

Look at Diantha's team.

Goodra, a Pokemon used as a tank, she uses a sp.attacking dragon.
Gorgeist, not really good if you dont use one to its full potential. diantha didnt.
Tyrantrum, REALLY SLOW, better dragon and rock types out there.
Aurorus, possibly the WORST member of her team. having two 4x weaknesses. its bad
Hawlucha, come on..why this thing, diantha doesnt use it right. she could've got something like a meinshao, lucario, or even a machamp and it would've been better.
Gardevoir, only good because it mega evolves. it still isnt as threatening as cynthia's garchomp or lance's dragonite was.

She doesn't even SWITCH OUT like almost all of the champions do. She ALWAYS lets her gardevoir go last, which is sad.

Honestly, who cares? xD
They just want the player to beat the game, I guess. :P
Dude what kind of answer is that..Don't come on here with that kind of stuff.
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This is another one of those questions that is never going to have a decisive answer. Only Game Freak know for sure - heck, they might not have even meant for Diantha to be as underwhelming as you say she is. Though there are some reasons that may be part of the reason why.

  • Perhaps the previous champions were too hard or challenging? Remember that the developers have to provide an enjoyable experience for newbies, not just veteran fans who have played for years. Cynthia and Red are both nightmares for newer players, Cynthia because her team is made of some of the best Pokemon in the game at that point (Garchomp was Ubers back in Gen 4), Red because of how over-levelled he is and how he can freely spam Blizzard thanks to hail.
  • The in-game experience doesn't matter as much to the developers as much as it previously did. There is quite a lot of proof that the developers and Nintendo are trying to move players into the competitive side of Pokemon were tournaments and championships are played. For example, Super Training makes it stupidly easy to EV train, and they have changed breeding mechanics to make it easier to get perfect IV Pokemon which are essential in the competitive universe (and there's Friend Safari, where you can find Pokemon with Hidden Abilities and Pokemon guaranteed to have 2 perfect IVs). This would mean that they are lazier with the in-game experience. I noticed that the storyline on X and Y were bland compared to Sinnoh where the villainous group was interesting, the game was actually challenging at some times. Making the Champion easier may be the result of how careless the developers are getting.

Some people actually do have problems with Diantha too. Her Goodra has impressive coverage and even surprised me when I found she had Muddy Water on the thing. Her Mega Gardevoir is challenging for some players who don't know how to stop it. It has ridiculous SAtk and SDef and decent enough Speed, so it can sweep unprepared teams if given the chance. Hawlucha can actually be annoying due to Swords Dance, though it is so frail it will die before it can set up anyway.

One more thing I forgot to add is that maybe Diantha just seems easier because you were way overlevelled? Thanks to the change with the Exp. Share, many teams are overlevelled by the time they reach the Elite Four, who give them even more experience points. Possibly if Game Freak hadn't done anything to the Exp. Share, Diantha would be harder because she wouldn't be at a disadvantage. This is also another example of the developers moving fans to competitive - maybe they wanted to make grinding teams easier for championships and such?

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Wow makes sense now. I get what you're saying now that I've read the whole answer.