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All I know is that it recovers Water Type pokemons HP a little, but there must be more to it than just that.


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Well it heals 1/16 Hp per turn which I think its quite good for walling or stalling pokemon

especially when used with leftovers

Nice in rain with Rain Dish Blastoise :D
Rain Dish?

Is all it does heal HP though?
Darth, I think I love you for mentioning that strategy. Blastoise is now a better Wall than ever!

Pure Water typing, Rain Dish, Leftovers, and:

Aqua Ring
Protect / Rain Dance
[Attack of your choice]

I'm glad somebody else has actually considered this idea. xD
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Rain Dish Blastoise can be very annoying if you use him properly. And if you're using a Rain Dance Team - Politoed leading.

Aqua Ring
Boil Over (very important)
Dragon Tail

and it's done