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OK so I have this awesome double battle strategy. I have this Rock/Fairy type Carbink and it has Sturdy, so I use Skill Swap to put Sturdy onto a lvl 1 Smeargle with a Shell Bell. It uses Entrainment on Shedinja, and then Smeargle uses Tail Glow to get lots of Special Attack, then unbeatable Sturdy Shedinja ;)

Would this work?

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Thx for the help anyway I've got a another question soon because I'm just getting into competitive battling:)

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Well. No it wouldn’t work. Not even close.

First off, in the case that you were attempting this in a Doubles match, you would have to first pull off the Carbink (That’s the Rock/Fairy Type) Skill Swap to a Level 1 Smeargle, and follow that up with switching out Carbink for Shedinja. This means you give your opponent the chance to hit you with an attack, therefore killing smeargle, or Shedinja if it so happens to be super effective. Additionally, they could try setting up hazards, and causing Shedinja to die immedietly upon switching in.

Even in a triple battle, the point is you’re using a LEVEL 1 SMEARGLE. Do you know how weak that is? A level 5 Sunkern OHKOs it with Earth Power. And that’s not even STAB. Though Sunkern is god. Anyway, that means you can’t take a hit – any kind of hit. Unless it’s Splash Magikarp. Or False swipe. You get the point. So Smeargle is going to die before it manages to do jack, therefore making your whole strategy go down the drain.

However, lets just assume for one moment, the opponent decided to set up and let you pull off such a combo. Then you’d have to deal with a couple more issues even with a Sturdy Shedinja. Moves like Leech Seed, and item effects like Rocky Helmet, and statuses like Burn and Poison, which all do damage and will hit through the effects of Sturdy, will all still kill you – since none of them are actually damaging attacks. Additionally, Pokemon with the ability ‘Mold Breaker’ or any of it’s variants will be able to bypass the effects of sturdy, and kill Shedinja straight away. Good job Shedinja, you’re dead now. The move ‘Taunt’ also destroys this strategy. You also forget, the phasing moves Whirlwind and Roar can throw Shedinja out the window, and cancel the effects of Entrainment, therefore bringing Shedinja back it’s original ability Wonder Guard – and then the opponent could kill Smeargle and Carbink leisurely, therefore making you lose a couple Pokemon on your team for no real reason whatsoever.

Anyway in conclusion, no this strategy is far from Underfeatable, and probably shouldn’t be attempted.

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Oh sorry; I spent 50 mins looking for that video on tumblr by which time you answered. |D
Carbink is Rock/Fairy
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Actually someone has done this already, as per this video:

Final Gambit Shedinja (aka has science gone too far)

This strategy will fail if:
- your opponent has Mold Breaker/ Turboblaze/ Teravolt
- your opponent has a status move like Toxic/ Will-O-Wisp
- your opponent has something like Curse or Leech Seed, or any other move to that effect which bypasses Sturdy
- your opponent set up hazard before you could switch Shedinja into the battle
- your opponent has something with Sand Stream/ Snow Warning
- your opponent has something with Prankster and either uses Taunt or Trick to render your set up Pokemon useless

Basically, for all the time you spend setting up, it's better just to attack.