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As long as they are not already poisoned, yes

It is possible to burn, freeze, paralyze, poison or put to sleep anything holding a Flame or Status Orb, as long as it is not already statused. However, with gliscor this is difficult, as it is immune to Thunder Wave and tends to carry protect, preventing the opponent from statusing it while Toxic Orb activates. As such, one;s only hope is to hit it with a status-inducing move when it switches in, and most players will avoid the risk of status and not switch in like that. So yes, it is possible, but very hard to do, especially against experienced players.

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Thank you, I have this situation quite a bit, and I think it would be a good way to counter that Poison Heal by eliminating it with a burn.
But anyone who has a brain will use Protect to activate the Toxic Orb.
Which is why I said the best hope would be to hit it with status when it switches in if you have a pokemon carrying will O wisp or a sleep move out and predict the switch. A smart player would avoid switching in their gliscor to a potential user of these moves however if it is not already poisoned.
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Well this is possible to do so But, if only the Toxic orb does not activate on Gliscor

Thank you, I was curious since it activates after the first turn.