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Why ruin a perfectly good legendary? Justy why?

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Kinda same reason Slaking has Truant (You do realise they have the same base stat total of 670, right?) Slaking also has the same Attack and Speed as Regigigas......So the the reason Regigigas has Slow Start (and Slaking has Truant) is to balance them out!
It's not entirely ruined. All you need to do is Baton Pass to it after you boost your stats . Then you can just wait out the Slow Start.

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In my opinion I think it was because Regigigas would of been too over powered without Slow Start. If you compare it's Stats between other Pokémon in the Ubers tier you'll see where I'm coming from. Note I am not going to compare Regigigas with Pokémon released after it as I am explaining why they might of done it at the time.


HP: 110
Attack: 160
Defence: 110
Special Attack: 80
Special Defence: 110
Speed: 100


When Regigigas was released it had the second highest Attack Stat, second only to Deoxys Attack Forme at a whopping 160. Regigigas's Attack Stat was even higher than Groudon, Rayquaza and Deoxys Normal Forme. It's Speed Stat was also relatively high, even though it wasn't the highest it was still higher than Ubers such as Ho-Oh, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Dialga, Giratina and Deoxys Defense Forme.
Regigigas Groudon


When Regigigas was released it also had relatively high HP, Defense and Special Defense at 110/110/110 respectively. At the time there was only really Lugia, Giratina and Arceus that were considered better than it in all aspects in a defensive role. Although Lugia and Giratina had more weaknesses and Lugia did not have Multiscale, as Hidden Abilities had not been released yet. As a Normal type Regigigas only has one weakness, this being to Fighting type moves.


At the time of it's release if Game Freak hadn't give Regigigas Slow Start it would have been too over powered. With only one weakness and high Stats it could demolish pretty much anything. To counter this I think Game Freak wanted to nerf it's power but instead of decreasing it's Stats they give it Slow Start probably so Slaking wasn't the only Pokémon with a hindering Ability. This follows through into Generation V where Archeops is the Pokémon that has a hindering Ability.

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TBH, Regigigas being OP isn't issue at all. It is a Legendary Pokemon after all.
Note that it has a shallow move, so it won't be be OP in Ubers.
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Regigigas enter image description here

First of all lets look at Regigas' horribly OP stats

HP: 110
Attack: 160
Defence: 110
Special Attack: 80
Special Defence 110
Speed: 100
All adding up to a grand total of 670

Gamefreak can't have such an OP Pokémon just lying around. It would completely wreck the game. It would destroy any Pokémon easily. It had to possess some bad qualities

And that is why Regigigas has Slow Start

It'd OP in OU, and VGC, but not too OP in Ubers.
It is a Legendary Pokemon after all.
still wouldn't be OP
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Because it has a massive base attack stat and he is a large Pokemon.Slow start was given to even it out.

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But regigigas is a legendary, its supposed to be OP. Saying "it would be too overpowered for ubers" doesn't make any sense. I literally had to make an account just to say this. How come regigias would be too OP without slowstart but mega rayquaza gets to mega evolve by using a move it would already be running AND get to use any item it choses? How come Zacian Crowned (who has a higher BST than Regigigas) gets to have an ability that gives it a free set up first turn? Zacian has 170 has their attack stat, and Regigigas has 160. You guys treat Regigigas like it would be the best Pokemon without slow start, but did you know it gets out-speed by most non-legendary Pokemon? A good example of this is the elemental monkeys. Pokemon like Dragapult completly wall it. You can't say "OP" every 5 seconds doesn't mean a Pokemon is op. Oh and if we're talking about gen4, Wobbufet was ubers which would be an easy COUNTER to it. (Sorry I had to)