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I have White 2 and I have made a lot of global trades,but when I try in Platinum I can't!!!

What do you mean by you can't? Say exactly what happens, so that other people can answer ( not me, I have exactly the same problem! )
You need more detail. What's the error message / code when you try to connect? Or haven't you just beaten the first gym yet? you need at least one badge before you can trade
The message it shows me is:

No compatible access point in range.
Check your connection settings amd try again

Error code:51099

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Here's a list of solutions

  • You may not have your first badge. You need this to be able to it
  • There is a specific error code to each problem I'm anticipating a "communication error" so power cycle your router and then from there try again. Also the Router you have may not support "DS" WiFi connections so you may not be able to get to GTS that way. I know this because at my school for example I cannot access the Pokemon Y server but I'm able to get to GTS on White 2 and Platinum if I ever needed to.
  • The actual Platinum server may be down and won't allow you to access it.

Hope I Helped

I have beaten the Elite four 70 times (I've been playing since 2010)