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How many steps does the character take per minute while walking running skating and bicycling?

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Pokemon D/P/P could help with walking and biking but skating is harder.
Let me introduce you to an amazing invention called: "a stop watch".
Seriously just go to a straight path, count how many tiles there are and the rest is simple math.
I'm amazed no one wanted to answer this. xD
No offense by this but most people have better things to do than answer a complex question which could take a lot of time to figure out and research :P
I'm not forcing them to answer dan. I don't mind if no one wants to answer.

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Super Indi to the rescue. xD

I recorded each travel pace level twice.

1st record - 236 steps
2nd record - 235 steps
Where? - The width of the PokeMart section of the Pokemon Center - 5 steps per lap.

1st record - 373 steps
2nd record - 373 steps
Where? - Same as Walking

1st record - 302 steps
2nd record - 296 steps
Where? - Right at the back of a dead end in Shalour City - 4 steps per lap.

For skating it should be noted that skating gradually gains speed when turning around, so Skating isn't as accurate as the first two.

1st record - 620 steps
2nd record - 625 steps
Where? - Same as Skating

These records should be reasonably accurate. If they aren't, I'm sowwy. :c

Hope I helped. :)

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You should of done it around Prism Tower because you wouldn't have to stop lol :P
But overall good answer.
Wow nice. Thnx
Dan's right, I should have just down 'round Prism Tower. xD
I recently restarted my Y though so I don't have access to it yet. When I get access to the rest of Lumiose I'll test it. :)
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Hey, I have not yet done this experiment for other types but I have for cycling. How I did it : I put a pokémon in the day care after writing down its experience and counted the steps till I was outside. I then flew to Lumiose City and counted the steps till I was in the middle of the road. Then I put on a timer for a minute and held down sideways. After that I flew back to Camphrier Town and counted the steps to the day care and got the pokémon out. I had to find out just how many steps were in the minute, so first I took the amount it had at the very end and subtracted the amount of steps from the pokémon center to the day care in Camphrier Town. After this I took the starting exp and added the amount of steps from the day care to outside. Then I subtracted the bigger of the 2 numbers by the smaller and got 187, 186, 185, 186. I figured that pokémon would have gone for a more rounded number so I chose 185.

After this I tested it by trying to time it with an evolution so it would only need 1000 to the next level. I worked it out for 53 mins and 13 secs and it worked literally perfectly so yeah it is 185 steps per minute on the bike :)