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Entei scooped up Sacred Fire to use, so it is no longer a signature move to Ho-Oh.

Are there any more signiture moves that are not longer exclusive to one Pokemon?

I know there is.. I just can't name them all.

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Victini scooped Fusion Flare, Blue Flare and Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike, so they were no longer signature move for Reshiram (:3) and Zekrom (puah!). [There.][1]
Rayquaza learns V-Create so it is no longer a signature move for Victini. [Source.][2]
Darkrai can also get Roar of Time and Spatial Rend from Dialga and Palkia.
[Here is my source for the Darkrai incredible thing.][3]

Galvantula was the only Pokémon who learns Electro Web, but with BW2, Tutors changed this. Terrakion, Cobalion and Virizion learned Sacred Sword. Now, Aegislash's family can as well.
Horn Leech was Sawsbuck-exclusive. However, Gogoat wanted it as well.
Smeargle can copy every move so it turns them into no-exclusive-moves-at-all.
SmellingSalt, Octazooka, Present, Softboiled, Mega Kick and Pay Day were exclusive to numerous Pokémons. However, through the time, they could be passed via breeding.
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it can learn zoroak signature move night daze
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It was actually last gen, but Rayquaza got V-Create in an event

In gen 4 Arceus obtained the signature move Shadow Force

Pumkinboo and it's evolutionary line now can also obtain Shadow Force

Not sure if it counts, but in gen 4 only Rhyperiror could learn Rock Wrecker, now it no longer can and several Pokemon such as Crustle now can


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