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Now that both DLC are out, have any signature moves been given to other evolutionary lines?

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do you mean the signatures of the pokemon in the dlc being given to pokemon from the base game or the other way round
Returning or New Pokemon getting moves that were previously signature
do you include things like breaking swipes and darkest lariat that are only learned by 1 pokemon by levelup but are tms
Breaking Swipe and Darkest Lariat were already TMs in the base game; I mean a signature move from a Pokemon in the base game being given to a returning or new Pokemon. Like Grimmsnarl's signature move. It's Spirit Break. So if a new or returning Pokemon in either the Crown Tundra or Isle of Armor ONLY got Spirit Break, then it would count. Sorry for the confusion.

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The DLCs didn't give any signatures moves to other Pokemon.

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