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Ik that Barraskewda benefitted very well from the DLC because it got Flip Turn in IoA and Moltres got the Heavy Duty Boots. Who else?

Dragonite,  Lugia, K-Articuno, and a ton of other Bug/Flying/Fire types loved Heavy-Duty Boots. Rillaboom got Grassy Surge + Grassy Glide, sending it straight to OU. Tauros didn't improve too much, but it got great moves like Close Combat.
What format/rules are you asking about?

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Grassy Surge and Grassy Glide is an insanely strong combo. STAB Grassy Terrain Boosted 70 Power Priority from a high attack Pokémon is kinda awesome. It revenge kills many threats, deals a good chunk of damage to just about anything, and can be further boosted by a Swords Dance or a Choice Band.
Flying, Bug, and Fire types
B O O T S. Anything that returned that was weak to the rocks and saw that they could put on some boots rejoiced. Articuno, Moltres, Ho-Oh, Volcarona, Charizard, Lugia, and Dragonite rocked those boots the best, as they suffered quite a lot from those rocks.
He’s back, and he learned how to shoot scales. This raises his speed, and paired with a swords dance, makes him a monster.
Hatterene and Indeedee
A hated pair in Doubles, Indeedee often uses Follow Me and Hatterene uses Trick Room. Both of them can start using Expanding Force, a devastatingly strong move under the influence of Indeedee’s psychic terrain. It hits both opponents in doubles, gets STAB, and gets a ton of power in Psychic Terrain.
As you mentioned, it can pivot now.
Triple Axel is pretty nice. High power is something that’s very nice on a Pokémon that can’t do much on defense, and has great attack and speed. It’s a STAB move, and it’s got 120 power.
Physical Poltergeist Users
A very strong move with not too bad of a downside, as most opponents hold items. 110 power is pretty great! Marshadow, Dhelmise, Decidueye, and Golurk are a few examples.
As well as having some nice boots to wear, it now has Hurricane. This, paired with Thunder and Weather ball, makes it a very good attacker under the support of Rain.
Another Pokémon that really likes it’s new boots, it also got Nasty Plot. Paired with it’s high speed, a SpA boost can make it a really great attacker.

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You forgot np Tornadus and hurricane Zapdos
You forgot libero Cinderace
I feel like Arctozolt should be mentioned. Having access to its HA thanks to the Crown Tundra really benefits it so it can spam Bolt Beak due to Slush Rush.