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What if a Pokemon with trace (Triple or doubles) used role play or something to a Spiritomb or Sableye. Shedninja is there. Does Spiritomb or Sableye get Wondr Guard? Gen 4 Gen 5 strategy?

There isn't enough people that care about gen 5 to figure this out o3o
whatson are you talking about? of course the are!

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Well in theory it could work yes. Since Trace copies a random Pokemon's ability it could get Wonder guard and if it uses role play the Spiritomb/Sableye could get wonder guard.

In practice it wouldn't work because Role play will fail when trying to copy Wonder guard, which is a smart thing that GF did.

Anyways, this is a PS! replay of me testing it with a friend.

Additional info:
>Trace cannot copy Trace, Multitype, Illusion, Flower Gift, Imposter, or Stance Change; however, Trace can copy Wonder Guard.


>Role Play cannot copy Zen Mode, Wonder Guard, Multitype, Imposter, Illusion or Stance Change.

enter image description here
Credit goes to my science partner pancakez o3o!

Hope I helped!

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I meant that if someone role played trace to spiritomb
So it can trace wonder gurd?
I'm pretty sure you cannot give Wonder guard to any pokemon that doesn't naturally get it by any means.
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Actually, it is possible to get a Wonder Guard Sableye or Spiritomb every time, but only through the use of the move Entertainment. For instance, in a double battle, if a Shedinja used Mimic on an ally that had just used Entertainment, that Pokémon would gain the ability Wonder Guard. (And then Shedinja could switch out and the other Pokémon could use Entertainment again, this time to copy Wonder Guard over to an ally.)


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Nope,it will not work because Role Play does not work on Pokemon with Wonder Guard or Multitype.