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With charging and without charging.
With EV training also.

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"My highest is 1644 using Deoxys with 31/31/31/31/31/31 IVs, 0/252/0/252/0/6 EVs and Timid Nature"

Pretty sure he meant deoxys-A sooo...
That´s higher than Haribos tho

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I've looked around for the answer and ive realized that the most damage would be with this:

*Deoxys(Att), 6 perfect IVs, 252 SpA/252 Att/6 Spe, any nature that boosts an attack and doesnt lower the other. (Lonely,Naughty, Brave, Modest, Bashful, Quiet).*

The damage you would deal with a fully charged ball would be, as dOkTorR (ツ) d00D? said, around 1600 HP.
I couldnt find what exactly the most damage is, but I think it's around 1650.

Hope this helped!

i've come to this conclusion because Deoxys-Att has the highest Attack and Special Attack stats from any non-mega Pokemon, both at 180. (megas can't be used in ST, ofc)

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6 speed EVs?
U can max out the EVs for more Power
No, I mean you can't have that many EVs. It would have to be 4.
yes you can, in ST the max is 510
Thanks for giving me credit lol but it was actually Dr Dude that said it, I don't even think I was online when this question was asked but thanks anyway :3 xD
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