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I've been wondering if when you're breeding and the Mother(Male if there's a Ditto) Pokémon is Shiny, is that Trait able to be passed down to the Offspring with or without a breeding item?

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No, and here's why:

A Pokemon being Shiny or not is based off of a trainer's ID and personality values. I explain this more here. Personality values cannot be passed down by breeding (Source), so shininess in the parent doesn't play a factor in the offspring. The chance is always going to be 1/8192 (1/4096 in Gen 6) no matter what.

Source: Above links

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A Pokemon being shiny can not be passed down to offsprings. The chances to get a shiny are still the same as ever.

>Pokemon being a shiny does not influence chances of it's offspring being a shiny in any way.

Source: Knowledge and Gamefaqs

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No, as 'shinyness' is based on the trainer's ID and Personality values. Therefore, nothing will change the chance (yes, the personality values can't be passed down by breeding. Anyway, if breeding could increase the chances for a shiny/guarantee a shiny, then the whole Global Trading Station (GTS) would be filled with them and that would take away the fun from getting them.


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