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You've heard about lumiouse city glitch well me and a friend found out its not just lumiouse as I got it in kilodue and he got it in camphier and patch is a fake. Please tell me how to restart soon.

Help me plz someone
Could you describe more so The answers could be a bigger help
Ok well I saved in kiloude near the girl who gives u DNA splicers if u have kyrum then saved and came off. Then I went back on and screen freezes on a grey screen saying the saved data is corrupted
This could actually be a pretty important thing. I'll try to look into it if it doesn't get answered
I feel the same as Prof X
I don't understand what you mean - ''as I got it in kilodue and he got it in camphier and patch is a fake''. It doesn't appear to be a question, just a statement..
What's last sentence

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It could be that you have got a cracked or glitched Pokemon or perhaps you might have hacked your cartridge or your save file got corrupted for some reason.

here is a link for the known glitches in X and Y: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_glitches_in_Generation_VI

on the link among the known glitches there is a "save corruption glitch"

"It has been reported that some save files of digitally downloaded copies of the games have become corrupted. This issue has affected other games downloadable on the Nintendo eShop such as Mario Kart 7 and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team."