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I was battling a Latios with my Swampert, (wi-fi battle) and Swampert's quick claw activates, but Latios still moved first without any speed boosts.

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What was the move swampert used?
What move did that Latios use? :P
I'm having a guess that Swamp used Roar, and the -6 priority stopped it

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The only reason I could think of here is if either the Latios used a move that has priority over the one you sued or if your move had negative priority, like Roar(-6).

>A hold item that gives the holder a 20% chance of going first in its priority bracket and ignores the effects of Trick Room.

It only works if both moves are in the same priority bracket, meaning they both have 0, +1, +2 etc. priority. If one has a higher priority it just ignores the Quick claw.


Hope I helped.

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Thanks for taking your answer from my comment :P. I was waiting for confirmation. You shouldn't really answer until you know what's going on
It's not just taking your comment, it's looking up what Quick claw does and taking your example of Roar.
I'm pretty sure he knows what Quick Claw does who he wouldn't have used it. We needed confirmation that that's actually the move he used. There are other possibilities, such as not noting that maybe the latios  may have also used Quick Claw, or maybe the Latio did use priority. Or maybe it was just a bug. I use to often get these types of glitches happening to me because of the lag I got from my old second hand 3DS
I mentioned in my answer that Latios could have used priority as well.
Of course it can be a bug, but saying that won't help much. And ofc he knows what Quicj claw does, maybe he just didn't know that it only effects the priority if it's in the same priority bracket to begin with.