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I have a few questions

  1. Is pokebank downloadable only Japan,Europe,Australia and America?

  2. After downloading pokebank can you use it in a country where pokebank isnt available?

  3. Why is pokebank the only way to transfer Pokemon from black and white to X and Y?I mean I know it is very useful in terms of storage but couldnt game freak have implemented another way to transfer the Pokemon without having pokebank?

  4. If 1 and 2 is a no can you sue them for me? lol just joking :P

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I will answer according to the given order.

1.No,it is not.It is also available in Canada,New Zealand,Taiwan,Hong Kong and Brazil.(Source)

2.Yes,you can.You can use Pokebank in a country where it isn't available if you set the 3ds's country to one of the available countries for Pokebank. Source:Experience.(I live in a country where pokebank isn't available but I set the 3ds's country to USA and was able to use Pokebank.)

3.In my opinion,the reason they made Pokebank and Poke transporter was to make money.They also say that they did this to prevent people from using fake Pokemon,But we know that that objective failed.

4.I already sued them.So they put me in jail. Lol I'm joking to :P

Hope I helped!

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Thnx (: