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Im looking for a way to verify a Pokemon's legitimacy since I try to never ever use hacked Pokemon. do any of you know of a way to check if my Pokemon are legit other than the not hack-proof GTS and Wonder Trade? thanks.

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Now you can make hacked pokemon with  AR.

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The most common ways are:

  • Check to see where it was caught. If this seems awry, then its probably a hacked Pokemon. To double check which Pokemon are found where, Serebii.net has a tool which shows all of the Pokemon worlds in detail.

  • Check its level: If a certain Pokemon was met at a level higher/lower than it should be (such as a Palkia/Dialga met at a level that is NOT 47), then its hacked.

  • Go to Smogon.com, and check the Pokemon out there. It will list what the maximums/minimums can be at level 100, which is very handy if you also have an IV calc/natures matchup chart.*

  • Other than that, its just common sense, ie moves not normally learned, stats CLEARLY wrong (ie 999) and LV 100 Shiny Pokerus Master Ball holding etc. are also generally the creation of hackers.

Hope I helped!!

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thanks alot, can you just give me that Serebii list?(couldnt find it)
Palkia and dialga can b obtained at level 1.
not legally
Legally they can be obtained in HGSS
I argued about that with about 5 nubs in chat. If you got the 11th movie Arceus you can get lv 1 palkia, dialga and Giratina from Ruins of Alph
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I will be answering this in a series of answers.

In Pokemon X/Y series, a blue pentagon can be seen next to your Pokémon('s) while viewing the status screen in trades, the box, and so on. It was initially unclear what it was intended for, but it's hack checkable.

Game Freak included the pentagon to be a ''hack checker'' of sorts. Pokemon who have the ''pentagon'' are confirmed to be legitimate. If the Pokemon doesn’t have the blue icon, that means there was an error and it has been hacked.

Pokémon pentagon's shouldn't be a ''put off '' sign for using them as others are legit but also used (e.g from other game genres) and if stats/natures/movesets including ID and OT off of black2white2 are seemed legit then there's no real way of finding a viable source of info on the subject.


2011 January 3rd-January 9th @ Gamestop Shiny Raikou- January 3rd-January 9th
Shiny Raikou
•Lv. 30
•Ability: Pressure
•Held Item: Micle Berry
•-Aura Sphere
•-Weather Ball
•-Zap Cannon

This Pokemon has been hacked and aslong as you include it's movesets, nature and ability within a cherish ball (event ball) then it's seem as legit, which is my point...

A good way to test is to put it through the GTS.

Pokémon x/y poke bank is a Pokemon legitemency checker. Simply go to e-shop on Nintendo store and purchase the poke bank (depending on what country you live in couherses with the currency they require for payment)

GB - £4.49
Eur - €4.99 in Europe.
AU - $6.50
NZ - $8.50

Source = Experience (had same issue myself :)

Hope I helped!

i need a way to check if ALL pokemon are legit, including pokebanked ones, i guess the pentagon can help me with gen 6 pokemon but that's pretty much it..........
also, i cant buy PokeBank using a credit card from my country (Nintendo being stupid and stuff) but i might find a way of getting pokebank and use that to check pokemon, thx!
Np. But this info above. May be the best answer for the time being ;) wink lol
well until we get ^^^ i wont choose it as best answer :P
lol, this isn't going to get answered for a while. haha
Method A is plain wrong.

The Pentagon simply says whether it was generated in Gen6 or not.
so PokeMover'd pokemon wont have the pentagon even if they are legit.