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When I look at pokemon natures I always see:

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The dream world is a new black and white thing that lets people get things there not able to get in the game.

Actually you can get every item in the dream world INgame except pass orb .
As far as i know
:) Also by trade and migration
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this is gonna b a long process be ready!!!for this you need internet and nintendo wi-fi connection, you've gotta sign up for pokemon trainer club https://www.pokemon.com/us/account/pgl/signup/ and then sign up for the pokemon global link http://en.pokemon-gl.com/ . Later after u've signed up for pgl go to profile n then click that link of "added game sync ID registration" according to the version ur playing enter your game sync ID which u can get frm the game. when u start ur game scroll down and go to game sync setting it will connect to wifi and u can know ur ID. u can register nw at the pgl with ur game sync id.then go to your game and in game sync settings u'll hav to tuck atleast one of your pokemon. now at pgl