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I have already won some pokemon in the dream world, even the gift ones like mewtwo and arceus but when i tried to get my porygon i got a problem. In the DS it was said that the pokemon was tucked in and was sleeping but when i go to pokemon gl site it says that i have no pokemon tucked i!
how can i solve this ?

When you left DW did you click exit and perpare to wake up?
No, it not even go to dream world ... it happend not once and note twice but several times this week and i cant get my porygon

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I'm having trouble identifying your exact problem, but here are some things you should consider:

1) Wake up the pokemon, then tuck him in again. (You've probably already tried this)
2) Tuck in a different pokemon (You've probably done this too, and even though it's rare to find a pokemon that doesn't work in the dream world, it's still a possibility)
3) You could wait a few days, then try game sync again, and see if your pokemon is in the Dream World.
4) If at all possible, you could try tucking in a pokemon using a different DS.
5) Also, (if possible) you could use a different game-card to tuck in your pokemon.

For more help and information on the dream world, you can visit the following sites:

There are also some walkthroughs and guides on youtube.

If all else fails, you may have to create another account.

Good Luck.

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