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Do I need to actually need to see the Pokemon to get it or should it work right away?

Im having trouble where I have already made my Pokemon in white 2 from the pokeGTS, but I don't if the Pokemon should come up right away or do I have to find it and then say I want the specific Pokemon?

Can you re-phrase this? I'm not understanding your question
To re-phrase it, so i made some pokemon on "PokeGTS", i have the filed saved and everything. Just to make it easier for myself, i made a starmie. In the Globla trade center, when i want to trade over that starmie from my laptop to the gts on my 3ds, do i need to have a pokemon deposited in to the gts saying i want a starmie? or should i not have anything deposited in the gts and it will automatically get transferred over for me?

and my first part of the question was, Does pokemon white 2 work for PokeGTS?

Im just alitte confused because my pokemon is not getting transferred

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You do not need anything deposited. Once you change your DNS in your system settings, all you do is go to gts. Thats it. Simple as that. As soon as you get to GTS the game will load for 10 seconds and your Pokemon will magically appear. It doesn't need to be in your pokedex. You don't need to deposit anything in the GTS, or request anything. If you want to transfer it over to X and Y, put it in Box 1, and make sure it is the only Pokemon in Box 1.