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Accidentally sold most of my stones, including the moonstone in reflection cave. I used the terminus cave moonstone on my shiny nidoqueen. I want to catch em all (the theme song is stuck in my head). Can you tell me if there is a third kalos moonstone?


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Yup. You're in luck.
On Route 18 the Moon Stone is a one of Inver's rewards after you defeat him.

      ^ Link for Bulbapedia with stuff about Inver

>After defeating Inver, if none of the player's Pokémon fainted, he will give the player three of the same item from a selection of several. Otherwise, he will give the player one item from the same set. Inver can be battled once per day.

In addition to this, you have a 5% chance of finding it on Clefairy and Lunatone. You can also find it through the ability Pickup I believe.

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You will receive a Moon Stone from Psychic Inver, the Inverse Battle dude on Route 18.

>After you have defeated Inver, he will give you an item. This item is given based upon your "score" and success in the battle. You get + 1 Point for every Super Effective hit you give, and -1 Point for every Super Effective hit against you. You will get one item out of the option for the score range.

If your 'score' is between 7-9, you have a chance of receiving a Moon Stone. However, there is still a chance you will receive another stone. All the possible stones you can receive are the Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, Moon Stone, Shiny Stone, Sun Stone, Thunderstone, Water Stone and Everstone. (Yes, Everstone. xD) So it may still be very hard.

Overall, it's possible to get another Moon Stone.

Hope I helped. :)

Oh, you can also get it from Clefairy and Lunatone as well. But I got that from Semp's answer sooo... ;_;
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You can obtain moon stones from Pokemon global link - playing balloon popping mini games and sending the items to your in-game x/y series.


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