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I am smack in the middle of training my Clefairy when I realize I need a Moon Stone to evolve it to a Cleafable. Looking in my bag and assuming I already had one didn't produce results, and my memory is murky about how exactly I got my first Moon Stone. So, I turn to you all. I'm sure there's a way to obtain a Moon Stone, as well as the other stones you can't seem to purchase. (Dawn Stone.) So, I'll be grateful if someone can point this one in the right direction.


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There are several ways to get these stones. The Thunder, Leaf, Fire, and Water Stones can be bought in Lumiose City, but there are still some ways to get the other stones.

One way is Secret Super Training. Once a Pokemon is fully EV-trained, they unlock harder levels of super training. Many of these levels will give away evolution stones as their ultimate prize. Unfortunately, Moon Stones are the most annoying of the ones to get, because it is the top prize in Drag Down Hydreigon, but you have an equal chance of getting a Sun Stone instead.

Depending on which Stone you are talking about, some Wild Pokemon might have a chance of holding it. In the case of the Moon Stone, Clefairy and Lunatone have a 5% chance to hold it in the wild. I think the Super Training is more reliable, though.

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Thank for the help. Funny enough, on the first go round, I did get a Moon Stone, so yeah. Awesome!
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This is the information for the collection of the moon stone in X and Y, from Bulbapedia.

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Well I found 3 different ways you can:
1. Clefairy Safari (5% chance of moon stone)
2. Inverse Battle (can also give other stones dependent on your score)
3. Reflection Cave (watch the last link for a YouTube video)

As for the dawn stone and others you can find them in the inverse battles. I would recommend using a lot of normal attacks!