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If a Pokemon such as Zoroark has the abiltiy 'Illusion' would it turn into the Pokemon in the last slot or would it fail because there is only 1 Pokemon in the entire battle?

I need a replay with proof.

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The last answer was correct. I had a Togekiss in last slot, but it didn't take to it. Please select previous answer as correct.

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1) I said challenge cup 1v1
2) The last answer doesn't have a source
The result will be the same. Use your logic dude. If it has nothing to illusion in to, what do you think will happen?
Anyway, you don't need a source. Both our answers are correct. You only need a source if you are uncertain or the answer was large or taken from another place. These answers are small, clear and correct. They don't need a source.
Maybe because you cant use teams of 6 in 1v1?
It doesn't make a difference because only the first pokemon in the party is ever sent out. And if you only had one pokemon, it would still show 5 more pokeball icons on Showdown. Either way, the result is the exact same. I tested it.
You tested it in 1v1. You only get the opportunity to use 1 pokemon. It's different in Challenge Cup, because you have the choice between 6.
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Zoroark would just be... Zoroark, so yes illusion broke. Hope I helped!
Source: experience

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as you see here I got a source.

So it doesn´t appear as one of the teammates. Hope I helped

PS I got in a high rank after hunting for zoroark so it´s positive

"The battle you're looking for has expired. Battles expire after 15 minutes of inactivity unless they're saved.

In the future, remember to click Save replay to save a replay permanently."