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i want to see what would be the better move to fight fantina in platinum with my luxio so would STAB neutral spark do more than dread plate boosted supper effective bite?


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Stab adds a 1.5x bonus to attacks so it upps the 65P Spark to 97.5 (1.5x65=97.5)
The Dread Plate adds a 1.2x bonus to dark type attacks and you get the 2x from it being super effective so the power of bite would be 144 (1.2x2x60=144)

So Bite with a Dread Plate and it being super effective would be alot better than STAB neutral Spark.

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thanks also im overleveling luxio so yeah :P
How'd you get 192? When I calculated it I got 144.
Also, Spark and Bite are both physical, so its stats wouldn't matter.
spark is physical? idk that :P
1.2+2+3.2. 3.2*60=192
It's 1.2 x 2 x 65.
Bite is 60 damage and im pretty sure its 1.2+2
I'm almost positive you multiply the boosts and the base power. Le Scraf has it right.
I've done hours of research on this. The BP theory goes like this:

BP x STAB x Item Boost x Effectiveness
so its 144 not 192? done.