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landorus-i is a good counter
Arceus ground is perfect unless your doing rating then use infernape fire punch or earthquake should do it

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  • As a more general thing. Faster Ground Pokemon
    Most ground Pokemon have decent physical bulk, along with high attack and since STAB Ground attacks will decimate Mawile, all of them are strong options to kill Mawile, including and not limited to - Garchomp, Excadrill, Gliscor etc.
    A great example is Landorus-T, who's ability, Intimidate lower's Mawiles attack by 1 stage immediately, along with it's decent bulk allowing it to tank Mawile's attacks, while STAB Earthquake allows it to deal with Mawile quickly coming off base 145 Attack.
  • Rotom-W, Rotom-H etc. - Bulky Will-o-wisp users in general
    Will-o-wisp puts Non-SD Mega Mawile in a bad position for the rest of the match, provided no Heal Bell/Aromatherapy support is used by the opponent. SD Variants can get past this, but still don't appreciate it since they have to take an extra turn to deal the damage they would normally deal in a single turn, and the extra damage from Burn really helps
  • Arcanine is something you probably would normally use, but it effectively counters Mawile with the combination of Fire typing (Allowing it to tank Mawile's main STABs), Intimidate and Will-O-Wisp. Qwilfish is also in a similar boat, with Poison Typing + Intimidate to screw up Mawile's life
  • Mega Venusaur can easily deal with Substitute variants, courtesy of his typing + Thick Fat. SD Variants may be able to break through given the time to setup, but Mega-Venusaurs with Earthquake or with a really stally set that nullifies Sucker Punch will be able to take SD Variants down as well
  • Mega Aggron can troll Mega Mawile. :I. +2 Mega Mawile only manages to 2HKO, while -1 Aggron can 2HKO with Earthquake, so in a 1 on 1, Mega-Aggron can easily outclass Mawile
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I think gliscor is a good counter, cause it specializes in physical attacks. Here's a moveset for gliscor to stop mega mawile:

[email protected] Orb
EVs: 252 Attack/Defense, 4 Hp
Trait: Poison Heal
Jolly nature
Protect, just to get some health back
Fire Fang, super effective against mawile and you can get a burn/flinch hax :)
E-Quake, nuff said here
Facade, double damage, very powerful
Hope this helps!

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EQ is stab and super effective. No need fire fang.
Burn hax for less physical damage
10% chance to burn is incredibly low, and is not worth using Fire Fang to attack Mawile over Earthquake, which does significantly more damage and will be more effective.