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There should be some brand new Pokémon moves like Sound Clap, Dragon Wing  or maybe even Volanic Blast.

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Well you could've submit your Pokemon ideas to Nintendo, but due to the requests and useless ideas, they are not accepting anymore ideas in Nintendo for the moment. This is from Nintendo's website:

Nintendo has some of the most devoted, enthusiastic fans of any game developer. Each week, we receive hundreds of questions and suggestions about our games and systems. While we would love to use ideas from fans to develop actual products, due to the volume of requests we receive and the resources it would take to process them, we do not accept unsolicited game or product ideas. As a company committed to being on the leading edge of game and hardware development, though, you can be sure that we are constantly at work developing new and exciting product and game ideas.


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Aw man, thats so not cool. I has some REALLY good ideas for new starters
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The only way is to get a job as a Pokemon designer at Nintendo in Japan. They don't take fan ideas.

Honestly, if you think you have a good idea, Nintendo have likely already thought of it and turned it down because it isn't actually awesome, or it just doesn't fit with Pokemon well enough.

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Thers a pokemon magazine called pokemon world and thers a section where you can draw a pokemon, write its moves, hp, and send it to the pokemon world crew and you can send in your pokemon game problems and the crew may put the answer in the magazine. it goes to game-freak in japan.

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