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At least 2 of my Pokemon fall to my brother's Gliscor.


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As for general counters, I think skarmory/Air Balloon Heatran stops the normal physical wall Gliscor (as they carry only Earthquake and Toxic as means of damage). Generally though, almost any powerful Ice type move from a Pokemon utilizing it well IMO should knock Gliscor out cold.

Statusing it before the Toxic orb activates is another means of crippling it. As for attacking sets, anything that resists it's STABs and can tank Knock Off will fare well.

Mega Pokemon (eg - Mega Aerodactyl, Mega Gengar) would mostly do well against a Gliscor. Powerful and fast Special Pokemon take it out before it can do anything and Pokemon like Noivern would hit straight through it's substitute due to Infiltrator.

Chesto Berry Rotom-W probably deserves the special mention as it can avoid Toxic with Rest and wil take it out with Hydro Pump.

PS - Just as something I found peculiar, Boomburst Exploud blasts Gliscor to Mars O_O

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i was looking for something available in kalos. u mentioned heatran which i can't get
you should have mentioned that in the question, the "xy" tag isnt enough becuase it could be reffering to XY teams (in showdown, Pokebattle etc.)
I have Greninja which has Protean with Ice Beam. But he just switches out
Well yeah , of course he'd want to preserve his Gliscor. But there are a few ways in which you can eliminate Gliscor tactically:
 - predict it coming in
 - damage it to a point where Pursuit will take it out (though it usually doesn't happen)
 - do something so unpredictable that he won't even bother switching out. That was the whole reason I posted Exploud down there.
OK. I will train an Exploud. I already have a Whismer which I will breed.
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Anything that can throw a decently powered Ice Beam can usually KO a Gliscor with a 4x weakness. Also, Gliscor has pretty lackluster SDef, so its best to also just throw in s special attacker, which can usually 2KO or OHKO one. In short, just don't send physical attackers or stuff susceptible to the EdgeQuake combo or Knock Off.

Not sure if I answered your question well. :P